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marți, 19 mai 2015

To The Edge

 A inflorit liliacul sau mai bine spus "liliecii" si in mijlocul zilei, cand soarele e sus si cald, toata curtea e invaluita in parfumul lor intens. Am cules 3 crengute si le-am adus in casa...ce bucurie! De cand au inceput sa infloreasca pajistile, nu e saptamana sa nu culeg un soi de flori pe care sa le pun in vaza. Pana si umilele papdii arata grozav ca decor.
Sumedenie de gaze se agita si intra pe geamul deschis toata ziua, iar pasarelele cocotate in parul din spatele casei sunt coloana sonora perfecta pentru decorul verde viu si inflorat.
Si zilele trec line si cat se poate de pline.
Avem un soi de rutina, placuta, cu ritualuri marunte: sa savuram micul dejun la soare, in curte, sa urmarim din bucatarie speciile de pasari care se opresc sa ciuguleasca din seminte, sa udam seara gradina si eu sa ma entuziasmez de fiecare planta noua care a rasarit (mai nou le visez noaptea, ma ingrijorez pentru ele daca e racoare si imi imaginez melci si rame care le vor raul, au devenit ca niste copilasi:)
Si am un chef ca niciodata sa pictez si pictez in fiecare zi, cu bucurie si recunoscatoare pentru fiecare moment.
EN: The lilac trees are bloomed and in the middle of the day, when the sun is up and hot, the whole yard smells divine. I picked up 3 branches and brought them inside...what a joy! Since the fields are blossoming, not a week goes by without me picking up wild flowers and filling vases with them. Even the dandelions make up for a great decoration.
Lots of bugs are flying around and enter the window which stays open for the entire day and the birds are the perfect soundtrack for the green background.
And the days go by soft and full.
We have a sort of pleasant routine, with small rituals: to have breakfast outside in the sun, to watch the bird species eating the seeds, to water the garden in the evening and me to get excited about the new plants (I dream them in the night, I get worried if it's a little colder and I imagine worms and snails wanting to harm the little greens...they're like children:)
And I'm in the perfect mood to paint every day, so I paint with joy and grateful for every moment.

 Ne-am propus sa exploram cat mi mult imprejurimile si weekendurile sunt dedicate plimbarilor si excursiilor. Am plecat inspre Marginea, localitate cunoscuta pentru ceramica neagra care se produce in zone. Drumul pana acolo a fost presarat cu peisaje spectaculoase, zone cu munti si vai, ca-n povesti.
EN: We want to explore as much as possible the surroundings, so the weekends are usually dedicated to walks and traveling. We headed to Marginea, a village famous for the unique dark pottery they produce in that area. The road there was seasoned with spectacular landscapes, mountain areas like in the fairy tales.

 Monument inchinat celor care au construit drumul aneveoios printre muntii abrupti si stancosi, asa-zisii "palmasi"
EN: A monument dedicated to those who built the road through the steep and rocky mountains, the so-called "palmers".

 Traseul ne-a purtat si pe langa Manastirea Sucevita, construita de ieremia, Gheorghe si Simion Movila in anul 1585.
EN: On the way we visited the Sucevita Monstery, built by Ieremia, Gheorghe and Simion Movila, in the year 1585.

Inscriptii cu nume si date, unele foarte vechi, ca un grafitti marturie a celor care au trecut pe acolo.
EN: Inscriptions with names and dates, some very old, like a testimony graffiti of those passing by. 

 In partea din fata, la intrarea in manastire, o banda de desene foarte ciudate, care nu pareau sa aiba de-a face cu picturile religioase de pe peretii mari. In special animale...
EN: At the entrance, there was a string of strange paintings, that didn't seem to relate to the religious paintings on the big walls. Especially animals...

 La Marginea am vizitat atelierul unde se fac mare parte din frumoasele obiecte de artizanat specifice zonei.
EN: At Marginea we visited the workshop where most of the art objects are created.

 Ultima oprire a fost in Radauti, care e la 7 km de Marginea, un fost oras evreiesc cu o arhitectura si dispunere a strazilor deosebita de alte orase pe care le-am vazut. Bineinteles ca am mancat faimoasa ciorba radauteana, ca niste turisti respecatibili:)
EN: The last stop was the city radauti, located at 7 km from Marginea. It's a former jewish city, with a special architecture and a particular look of the streets, not similar to any city we've visited. Of course, we ate here the famous "radauteana" soup, like respectable tourists:)

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