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luni, 6 iulie 2015

The Gatherer

In jur e o abundenta de flori, verde si gaze, iar inspiratia se lasa usor tentata zilele astea. Ma uitam la niste flori de echinaceea si mi-am dat seama ca, dincolo de proprietatile lor curative, sunt niste flori deosebite cu o culoare frumoasa. Atat mi-a trebuit:) Le-am pictat si m-am bucurat ca nuanta lor roz-lilla (nu ma prea pricep la termeni "profi" pentru diversele nuante) e intr-un constrast superb cu lemnul.

EN: There's an abundance of flowers, green and bugs all around, so inspiration is easy to tempt these days.I was looking at some Echinacea and I realized  that, beyond their medicinal properties, they are some special flowers, with a beautiful color. So I painted them and i was pleased that their pink-purple shade is in a great contrast with the wood.
 Tot pentru a stimula creativitatea (sau sa zicem ca asta e scuza:), nu ratam nicio zi cu vreme buna fara o plimbare prin padurile seculare ale Bucovinei. Am plecat dupa ciuperci, dar ne-am bucurat si de alte roade ale naturii. "Campuri" de fragute asteptau coapte si rumene sa le culegem si din inatmplare (si fericire), aveam la mine doua canite in care am "cazat" micutele parfumate.

EN: Also for stimulating imagination (or let's admit that this is the excuse:), we don't like to miss out a single sunny day without a walk through Bucovina's old forests. We left to find mushrooms, but we were as excited to find "fields" of wild strawberries.
 Am dat si de mult-ravnitul hrib, in exemplar unic, dar am compensat cu niste galbior proaspat iesiti.

EN: We found the wanted and famous king bolete, only a small one, but we compensated with some fresh chanterelle.

 Am surprins si un moment de tandrete intre doi fluturi, care parca asteptau sa fie fotografiati in lumina perfecta. Uneori ma gandesc ca tot ce creeaza natura e facut special pentru delectarea noastra.

EN: We captured a rare tenderness moment between two butterflies, which seemed to be waiting for a picture of them to be taken, in the perfect setting and light. Sometimes I think that nature creates all these beauty for us to marvel. 
 Si dupa o plimbare incantatoare, incarcati de soare, triluri de pasari si insecte si cu ochii odihniti in marea de verde, ne-am ales si cu o "recolta" bunicica: fragute, ciuperci, soc (chiar ultimul pe anul acesta inflorit) si niste rasina pe care planuiesc sa o combin cu ceara de albine, pentru lumanari parfumate.

EN: And after a lovely walk, charged by the sun, birds singing and with our eyes rested in this sea of green, we got ourselves a beautiful harvest: wild strawberries, mushrooms, elder tree flowers (the last flowered one for the year) and some resin which I plan to mix with bees wax and turn it into some scented candles.

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