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miercuri, 23 septembrie 2015


Am citit acum niste timp, in "Istoria Uratului", dupa Umberto Ecco, despre sirenele din mitologia greaca. Si am aflat cu uimire ca nu erau fiinte acvatice, ci o incrucisare intre femeie si pasare: cap si maini umane si trup de zburatoare. Legenda spune ca ele zburau peste mari si oceane si prin cantecul lor de fluier ademeneau marinarii si ii innecau. Miturile si povestile sunt o sursa minunata de inspiratie si imi place sa descopar tot felul de fiinte ciudate si lumi fantastice, pe care sa le aduc in ce pictez.

EN: I read some time ago, in "The history of Ugly", by Umberto Ecco, about the mermaids of the Greek mythology. I was surprised to find out that they were not water beings, but a cross between woman and bird: human head and hands and feathery body. The legend says that they flew over seas and oceans, mesmerizing the sailors with their flute song and drowning them. I love myths and stories, as they offer a great source of inspiration!

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