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joi, 14 aprilie 2016

Of Wolves and Men

Anul acesta februarie a fost o luna plina si, contrar vremii reci, eu am pictat tricou dupa tricou si mintea mi-a fost ocupata cu soare si cer senin. Un pasionat de lupi a vrut o mini-colectie de tricouri si mi-a lansat o adevarata provocare: nu mai pictasem lupi pana atunci. Dar a fost un bun exercitiu, ba chiar cred ca acum as putea desena din memorie "fiara" ce urla la luna:)
EN: This year, February was a full month and, despite the cold weather, I painted T-shirt after T-shirt and my mind was busy with sunshine and clear sky. A wolf passionate wanted a mini-collection of T-shirts and challenged me a little: I've never painted wolves before. But it was a good exercise and I even think that now I could paint the beast from my memory:)
 Am continuat "lectiile" despre buruienile comestibile si in ultimul timp salatele noastre au continut usturoita, turita, racovina, frunze de papadie, macris, nasturel  sau toporasi. Nu am ratat nici leurda, pe care am transformat-o intr-o pasta absolut delicioasa si simplu de gatit: frunze de leurda, ulei, sare, suc de lamaie, toate puse in blender si pasate bine. Am mancat-o u cartofi, cu paste si felul preferat: cu turtite coapte pe plita.

EN: I went on with my lessons about edible weeds and lately our salads were made of Nasturtium officinalis, Alliaria petiolata, Viola odorata, sorrel, dandelion leaves or galium aparine. We haven't missed the Allium ursinum (the ramps) and turned it into a delicious and easy to cook paste: the ramps leaves, salt, oil and lemon juice, all mixed into a paste with the blender. We ate this on potatoes, on pasta and our favorite, on little pita bread cooked outdoor, on the fire.

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