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sâmbătă, 10 decembrie 2016

The Season to be Jolly

Nici nu stiu cand luna noiembrie s-a topit intr-un decembrie de basm, cu zapada si turturi de gheata. Si mi-am zis ca e momentul potrivit sa scot in lume decoratiunile de brad din acest an. Cumva, stand la tara, inspiratia a venit din multele sate din imprejurimi, cu ale lor casute mici si pitoresti si cu imaginea focului care trosneste in soba pe care s-a toalnit motanul, cu mirosul de paine calda si senzatia de timp care se dilata.

EN: I can't even say when November melted into a fairy tale December, with snow and ice hanging on the roof. And I realized it's about time to take out this year's Christmas ornaments. I believe that living at the country side, I got inspired by the so many villages from around, with their small houses, where the wood fire burns in the big clay stoves, where a white cat purrs lazy and it smells of fresh baked bread and the feeling of slowing down completes the picture.
 Ne-am bucurat de zilele iernatice si am testat putin masina in weekend, urcand pana la proaspat redeschisa Cabana Rarau. Si am faut bine, pentru ca peisajul care ne-a intampinat a fost spectaculos. Padurea de brazi acoperita cu cea mai alba si curata zapada si linistea rece care domnea in regatul zapezii ne-au deconectat pur si simplu de la orice stres sau gand galagios.

EN: We enjoyed the wintery days and tested a little the car this weekend with a trip to the newly re-opened Rarau Cabin. And it felt the right thing, because the landscape we found was spectacular. The pine forest covered in the whitest and cleanest snow and the cold quietness that ruled the ice land took us far from any noisy thought or stress.
Daca ajungeti iarna in Bucovina, nu ezitati sa faceti drumul pana la Pietrele Doamnei si sa mancati un bors de pastrav.
EN: If you arrive in Bucovina during winter time, take a trip to Rarau, it's worthy.

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