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duminică, 24 septembrie 2017

For the Love of Forest

 Cel mai frumos moment, pe care il asteptam cu bucurie in fiecare toamna, e sezonul ciupercilor. Imi place mult padurea toamna, mai ales dupa ploaie, cand pamantul emana parfumul frunzelor amestecate cu pamant si crengi.
Anul acesta a fost mai secetos, dar prima plimbare ne-a adus roade bune: am gasit tot soiul de bureti comestibili si ne-am umplut plamanii cu aerul proaspat.

EN: One of the best moments of tthe year is the mushroom season, which brings joy every autumn. I love the forest, especially after the rain, when the smell of dried leaves, dirt and branches lingers in the air.
This year has been quite draughty, but we still found many types of edible mushrooms and the first autumn walk was such a pleasure.

Ce nu am  gatit imediat, am pus la pastrare pentru a savura si la iarna gustul padurii: antipasti de hribi, palaria sarpelui uscata, zacusca de ghebe, vinetele si galbiori, trambita- piticului si hribi uscate.
EN: What we didn't cook to eat right away, we canned so we can enjoy the taste of the forest in winter too.

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