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marți, 12 august 2014

"May Thy Food Be thy Medicine..."

 Intr-una din lungile zile de vara (care pe atunci nu erau chiar "de vara", ci mai degraba tomnatice), am primit o comanda, foarte interesanta.

O serie de magneti de frigider, care urmau sa fie dati participantilor la un curs/tabara de hrana vie si viata sanatoasa. Minunat! Intamplarea (sa-i zicem asa) a facut ca tocmai atunci sa fii dus la feliat 2 trunchiuri uscate de tuia.
 Asa ca baza exista, a urmat pirogravare. Clienta si-a dorit un citat din Hipocrate, iar eu m-am gandit sa le dau si o nota de unicitate, asa ca am pirogravat pe fiecare cate o planta medicinala, diferita.

La final i-am lacuit si plantele au prins viata. Lemnul a capatat o culoare superba, iar inelele au devenit intense.

Au fost un experiment, reusit se pare si mi-au dat cateva idei, mai ales ca mi-au ramas doua sacose pline cu felii minunate:)

EN: One of these days I received an order for some souvenirs which were to be given to the participants at a natural lifestyle camp. We decided to woodburn some wood and transform it into fridge magnets. As an extra detail, I chose to woodburn and paint some medicinal flowers, being given that the camp was about healthy living. I had a lot of big wood slices, from a dried tree we had in the garden, which we cut into thin and beautiful pieces. The client wanted a motto written on each of them and she chose one of Hipocrates: "May thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine, food". The medicinal plants looked beautiful next to the text and I enhanced them with touches of colour. The last step was to polish them, so the texture of the wood became very visible and the colour clear.
I really enjoyed making these magnets and they feels like a succesfull experiment. They also gave me some new ideas of other ways of using the rest of the slices I have:)

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