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marți, 23 august 2016

The Land of Beauty

O salata de fructe, gustarea perfecta pentru zilele astea de vara lenese. De data aceasta sub forma unui colier si a unei perechi de cercei, care mie imi amintesc de dansul Josephinei baker cu cirochinele de banane.
EN: A fruit salad is the perfect snack for thsese lazy summer days. This time in the shape of a necklace and a pair of small earrings, that remind me of Josephine's Baker dance with the banana skirt.
 Bucurandu-ne in continuare de vara, de bani de gaz si chef de drum, am ajuns in judetul Salj, in orasul Jibou, despre care nu stiam mai nimic, dar care ne-a surprins cu superba gradina botanica.
EN: Being able to still enjoy the summer, money for gas and the mood for the road, we drove to Jibou city (in the Salaj county), of which we knew nothing, but it surprised us with its beautiful botanical garden.
 Doua domuri care adaposteau plante tropicale si in care fructul pasiunii si curmalele earu coapte si bune de cules. O zona cu pesti exotici, printre care si o pisica de mare...
EN: Two domes that were housing tropical plants and you could even pick up dates and passion fruits to eat.
 Helestee cu nuferi albi, galbeni, roz care tocmai inflorisera, printre care inotau micutii pesti koi si pareau desprinse dintr-o stampa chinezeasca.
EN: Small lakes with bloomed yellow, pink and white water lillies, among which the small koi fish were swimming, that created a Chinese landscape.

Chiar si cladirea care adapostea toaletele era imbracata intr-un perete de plante vii, verzi, rosii, care tineau racoare si improspatau aerul.
EN: Even the building were the toilets were was covered in a wall of green live plants, that were keeping the space cool and refreshing the air.

Noua ne-a placut mult si ne-a impresionat grija cu care era totul amenajat. Un loc perfect de petrecut intreaga zi, potrivit pentru copiii curiosi si neastamparati si o delectare pentru adulti.
EN: We really enjoyed it and we were impressed by how everything was taken care. A perfect place to spend the whole day, suitable for curious and and energetic children and a delight for adults.

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