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luni, 12 februarie 2018

Slow, Slow, Slow...

 Un articol despre absint si potentialul sau:
Turnul sfatului

Ce bine ca e iarna! Ce bine ca suntem in Bucovina si ne bucuram de zapada! E locul perfect in care sa incetinim ritmul zilelor si pentru mine, asa incapacitata cum sunt si asa lenta cum ma simt, era chiar nevoie sa ne oprim. Imi dau seama ca m-am obisnuit sa fac multe lucruri si necesare si ne-necesare si sa imi petrec prea putin timp gandindu-ma, visand, stand pur si simplu. Nu pot spune ca nu imi alocam timp pentru mine, dar tot timpul trebuia utilizat cu un scop. Minunat moment de reflectie o boala si mai ales una care ma impiedica de la "trebaluiala". Cred ca m-am prins mult in plasa lui "a face" si acum, pentru ca nu pot, din cand in cand ma apuca o stare de panica: ce fac, imi irosesc timpul si pana mi se va vindeca mana o sa treaca multe saptamani de stat degeaba. Cumva e o tara a societatii actuale: eficienta, care ne-a acaparat nu doar serviciul ci si vietile personale. Chiar si vacantele trebuie sa fie eficiente, bine planificate...Nu suntem capabili sa ne luam cu adevarat o pauza, pana cand corpul isi ia singur, din pacate, prin vreo boala sau un accident. Subconstientul are puterea de a ne slabi vigilenta si asta ne predispune la accidente.
Mi-ar placea anul acesta sa il dedic incetinirii rotii. Sa pictez incet, cu schite, sa fac lucrurile pe indelete, din placerea de a le face, sa am puterea sa nu mai anticipez, sa iau lucrurile pe rand, cu bucurie...Undeva, pe drumul maturitatii, mi se pare ca am pierdut din bucurie si ce fac a devenit inertial. Ce bine ca a venit Carol ca sa ne aminteasca sa ne minunam si sa radem:)

EN: It's good winter has arrived! It's good we are in the north, in the real Winterland and we can enjoy the snow! It is the perfect place to slow the pace and for me, being in one hand and moving so heavy, a stop was needed. I realize that I got used to doing so many things, needed and not and to spend so little thinking, dreaming, simply not doing. I can't say that I didn't allow myself me time, but every moment had to be spent with a purpose. Great moment for reflection such an illness, especially this one that stops me from working. I believe I was very caught in the "doing" net and now, because I can't do, I panic every day: I'll waste so many weeks until my hand heals...It is a disease of today's society, efficiency, that has taken not only our work but our personal lives. We can't really take a break, even holidays need to be "purposey", but sometimes the body just takes a break, be it an illness or an accident. I think the subconscious has the power to weaken our awareness and this makes us more vulnerable to injuries.
I would like to dedicate this year to slowing down the wheel. To paint slow, to draw sketches, to make things step by step, for the pleasure of making, to have the power to not anticipate, to live day by day, with joy. Somewhere, on the road to adulthood I lost a part of the happiness and it feels like living has become inertial. It's good Carol has arrived to remind us to laugh and enjoy the ride:)

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