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marți, 11 iulie 2017

Sons of Gaia

"Mandra-i lumea si frumoasa", vorba unui cantec popular. Si tara in care traim acum e printre cele mai frumoase, iar cu fiecare aventura de care avem parte ne convingem tot mai mult ca e un pamant binecuvantat.
EN: A folkloric song tells that "the world is beautiful" and this blessed land we live in is one of the most wonderful there is.
 Weekendul l-am petrecut in Poiana Mica, Brasov, la festivalul Sons of Gaia. A fost locul perfect de indurat zilele calduroase: padure verde, aer curat si multi oameni de bine care au vibrat la unison pe muzica electronica.
EN: We spent the weekend in Brasov,at the Sons of Gaia festival. It was the perfect place to endure the very hot summer days: green forest, fresh air and many beautiful people who vibrated as one with the music.

A fost colorat si vesel si tare ne-a placut sa ne intalnim si reintalnim cu fiinte dragi, cu care am impartit timpul, mancarea, povestile si viata, intr-o comunitate a bucuriei.
Cred ca sunt locurile cele mai bune si pentru copii, care invata sa traiasca la comun, se simt in siguranta printre adulti care le poarta grija si sunt atenti la ei, inteleg natura si ajung sa o iubeasca si sa o foloseasca intelept si pot fi liberi intr-un mediu interesant.

EN: It was colorful and joyful and we really enjoyed meeting and re-meeting dear beings, with whom we shared the time, the food, the stories and life in a community of happiness.
I believe these are the best places for children, who learn to live together, feel safe among the grownups who take care of them and understand them, they grow to love nature and use it wisely and can be free in an interesting environment.

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